Benefits of Building a Patio

The Top 5 Reasons to Add a Patio to Your Home

Adding a patio to your house can greatly increase its value and enjoyment.

Beyond that, it provides flexible outdoor space for dining, lounging, and play. They are also relatively low maintenance compared to wood decks, providing health perks from fresh air and sun exposure. Plus, it creates lasting memories through family activities and bonding.

Here are the detailed reasons why investing in a patio area is beneficial.

1. Boosts Property Value

Real estate agents estimate adding a patio can increase property’s value by 10-15% on average. This significant boost makes a patio a smart investment if you ever plan to sell.

Curb appeal is hugely important for attracting potential buyers. An attractive, well-designed patio signals a welcoming outdoors. This draws more interested clients.

When you sell your house, adding a patio often lets you recoup the cost, unlike many other upgrades and renovations. Patios add tangible value that translates directly to dollars.

For a relatively low investment, a sizeable patio can significantly increase your place square meterage. This extra space is highly valued by purchasers.

2. Creates Flexible Outdoor Living Space

Patios provide an outdoor area that can be used for dining, lounging, or play space. It’s like adding an extra 18-50 equivalent square metre to your house.

These are perfect venues for parties, game nights, or holiday events. You can entertain large groups without cramming into interior spaces.

Install ceiling fans, lighting, and heaters to improve patio use. With these additions, the space can be enjoyed day or night, summer, spring through fall.

Keeping messy outdoor activities like crafts, gardening, and grilling outside helps maintain interior cleanliness. It designates a place for these pastimes separate from your interior.

3. Low Maintenance

Patios built from extremely durable materials like brick, concrete, flagstone, or pavers require minimal care compared to wood decks.

There is no yearly sealing, staining, or splintering to deal with. Joint material between patio bricks may need occasional re-sanding.

A simple sweeping or hosing keeps a patio clear of debris. Soap and water can tackle tougher grime as needed. It’s easy to keep its surface clean.

If cracking or settling occurs, they can be repaired with relatively simple DIY spot fixes. Damaged portions can be removed and replaced without rebuilding the entire structure.

4. Provides Health Benefits

Spending time on your patio allows you to absorb vitamin D from sun exposure. This aids calcium absorption for stronger bones.

Enjoying fresh air outdoors has both physical and mental health benefits, from stress relief to improved concentration and mood.

Having a space next to your home makes it easier to spend quality time closer to nature. You can be surrounded by garden views, plants, and birdsong right in your yard.

A patio provides enough open floor space for yoga, stretching routines, or other outdoor exercise. Staying active has extra benefits.

5. Fosters Family Memories

Gathering family and friends on your patio makes it easier to enjoy favorite backyard activities together like grilling, dining al fresco, or roasting marshmallows over a fire pit.

The patio becomes a place for game nights, entertainment, outdoor movie viewings, or just sitting around chatting over coffee or cocktails. These shared experiences build lasting memories.

String lights overhead to create atmosphere after dark. A comfortable, inviting patio promotes lingering conversation and family bonding time.

Adding personal touches like decor, plants, and features to your patio gathering area makes a place where you can form lasting memories.

The Bottom Line

Patios add value, extra living space, easy care, health perks, and most importantly, memories. It’s no wonder surveys show homeowners use their patios over 180 days per year on average.

If you don’t already have one, contact a patio builder today to start designing this game-changing addition. You’ll quickly discover just how much joy a patio brings to everyday life.