Frequently Asked Questions

Stuck inside and missing the sunny Queensland climate? A patio brings the outdoors in! At Smart Patios Brisbane, we create beautiful outdoor living spaces. Our team has 10+ years of experience. We are licensed and insured patio experts. Here are the top 40 FAQ answers:

How much does a patio cost?

Pricing varies based on size, materials, and complexity. But we are competitively priced for all budgets. Expect to invest $15,000 – $40,000+ for quality work.

Are patios low maintenance?

Yes! Aluminum framing and premium materials mean minimal cleaning or upkeep is required to keep your patio looking great.

Do you offer warranties?

Absolutely. We provide comprehensive warranties on all materials and workmanship for your peace of mind.

What’s better: patio or deck?

Patios offer better weather protection and lower maintenance, but decks work well for ground-level yards too.

Can you enclose a patio?

Yes, we can fully enclose patios using screens, security glazing, sliding doors, etc. to create an indoor-outdoor room.

Are patios energy efficient?

Definitely. Insulated patio roofs provide excellent thermal and noise insulation to reduce energy costs.

Are patios family friendly?

For sure! We use durable, slip-resistant materials perfect for kids and pets. Optional safety features are available.

Will a patio increase value?

Yes. A well-designed patio is a major asset that can recoup 50-80% of its cost in higher resale value.

Do patios need maintenance?

Just basic cleaning a few times per year. The premium materials are virtually maintenance-free.

Why get a patio?

A patio expands your home’s usable area. You can relax outdoors while still enjoying shelter.

What are the benefits?

Patios increase home value. They provide entertaining space and let you embrace indoor-outdoor living. A patio is a private retreat.

Which patio type is best?

It depends on your needs and budget. Popular options include insulated roofs, opening roofs, and basic patio covers.

What’s involved in installation?

We discuss your vision, take measurements, review design options and materials, get permits if needed, then build your dream patio!

How long will it take?

Most patio installations finish within 1-2 weeks after permit approval and material ordering. Smaller jobs are even faster.

What materials do you use?

We offer aluminum insulated panels, louvred roofs, polycarbonate glazing, and more high-quality, customizable materials.

Can it match my home’s style?

Yes! Your new patio seamlessly blends with your home’s existing architecture and aesthetics.

Are patios sun/rain proof?

With various roofing and enclosure options, your patio can definitely be designed for full sun or weather protection.

How’s the ventilation?

We install patios with ample passive ventilation and airflow. You can add fans and outdoor AC units too.

Is a patio soundproof?

Insulated roofing panels significantly reduce exterior noise like rain and traffic for a quieter outdoor room.

What’s normal ceiling height?

Patio roofs are usually 2.4m-3m high for a spacious feel. We can also customize ceiling heights.

How are patios secured?

Roofs and posts are anchored directly into your home’s structure using engineered connections for optimal strength.

Can patios be multi-level?

Yes, split-level and multi-tier patios work for sloped yards or to create separate living zones.

Do patios need gutters?

Patios can feature integrated, concealed guttering systems to control water drainage and runoff.

Can I add lights/fans?

For sure! We seamlessly incorporate skylights, downlights, fans, misters, heaters, speakers – whatever you need.

Are patios DIY-friendly?

No, we don’t recommend DIY patio installation due to structural engineering needs. Let us handle it professionally.

Are permits required?

It depends on your area’s regulations. For peace of mind, we obtain any necessary permits to ensure full compliance.

What aftercare service do you offer?

We pride ourselves on outstanding customer care from the initial consultation through to completion and beyond.

Is patio furniture included?

No, furniture isn’t included but we can suggest great suppliers of outdoor furnishings to complete your new space.

Will my patio be private?

With strategic design and screening options, your new patio can absolutely be a private, secluded outdoor oasis.

How noisy is construction?

There will be typical construction noise during the build period, but we work efficiently to minimize disruption time.

Will trees/plants be removed?

We’ll work around existing landscaping as much as possible. Any necessary removal will be discussed with you first.

Can I add curtains/shades?

Yes, cafe blinds, shade curtains, retractable awnings and more can be incorporated to control light and privacy.

What’s the drainage like?

Proper falls and drainage is engineered into every patio we build to prevent any water pooling or runoff issues.

How’s patio airflow managed?

We design generous ventilation and use insulated roofing to encourage ample airflow without making it drafty.

Can I DIY later add-ons?

To safeguard structural integrity, any later additions or modifications should be carried out by our professionals.

Are patios pet-proof?

With durable, cleanable surfaces and optional security screening/gates, your patio can absolutely be a pet-friendly zone.

What’s patio floor height?

Patios are normally built level with internal floors. Split-levels can be created for alfresco dining areas as well.

Will my yard be accessible?

Yes, we’ll ensure existing yard/garden access is maintained during and after the patio build.

How’s patio cleaning done?

A simple regular hose down is usually all that’s needed. We can recommend affordable cleaning services too.

Can you construct in stages?

For sure, patio projects can be split into affordable construction phases if your budget requires.