The Patio Building Process

Your Step-by-Step Guide to a Smooth Installation

The Patio Building Process

Do you dream of having an outdoor oasis right in your backyard to relax and entertain? Getting a gorgeous new patio built always seems to take way longer than expected though. With over 20 years of constructing stunning patios for homes across the state, we’ve honed an efficient 9-step system to streamline the entire installation process.

1. Design Consultation

The process kicks off when we meet you at your home to start envisioning possibilities for the space. We’ll take precise measurements of the area where you want your new patio built. Then we’ll have an in-depth discussion to understand how you plan to enjoy the patio. Will it be an intimate space for two or a party zone to host large gatherings? This will inform material suggestions and special features to consider. We’ll address all your initial questions and concerns upfront before moving forward.

2. Detailed Quotation

Next we’ll factor in all associated costs like materials, labor, permits fees, and equipment rentals to provide you with a transparent, detailed quote. This will also include a realistic timeline estimate so you know when we can start and finish building your patio. We disclose all pricing and fees so there are no surprises down the road.

3. Finalising Patio Design

Once we settle on a design and quote, we’ll draft an in-depth schematic detailing the complete plan. This includes specifics like:

  • Exact dimensions
  • Materials being used
  • Any custom features or accessories
  • Structural support locations

We’ll review the patio plans with you to make any modifications until we have the final design dialed in together.

4. Permit Approvals

Now it’s time to get your patio project fully permitted. We’ll submit the plans and application to your local permit office for building approval. We handle all the paperwork and complexities here to get the necessary permits secured. We’ll give you status updates throughout the council approval process.

5. Material Selection

With permits in hand, you’ll finalise selection of all surface materials, structural elements, and patio accessories. We guide you through the available material options and source premium products built to last. This includes things like decking, tiles, roofing, lighting fixtures, planter boxes, and outdoor kitchen components if needed. We order everything necessary so it’s ready for quick assembly.

6. Site Preparation

To build a solid foundation, we layout an initial base of compact gravel across the full patio footprint. This durable surface allows proper drainage and prevents sinking or shifting long-term Next, we demarcate the exact patio perimeter with stakes so your new space is clearly mapped out before construction begins. We also coordinate any equipment rentals and schedule our crew.

7. Framing and Roof Build

The real structure comes together now. We construct robust frames using steel posts or wooden beams secured in concrete to provide sturdy support. If your design includes a covered section, we’ll build a reliable roofing system with a slight slope to allow proper water drainage. All measurements and angles are double checked for accuracy as we assemble the frame and roofing.

8. Surface Installation

With the underlying foundation and structure in place, we start installing the surface materials. Hardscaping materials like tiles or concrete pavers are precisely cut and laid in place piece-by-piece. For decking, we secure and seam boards together for a flawless finish. We build any custom benches, planter boxes, fire pits, or other features at this point too.

9. Finishing Touches

Your patio is taking shape beautifully now! We add those all-important finishing touches like installing lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, and audio speakers if desired. Plus any final accessories you selected like stylish patio furniture, a mini fridge, or mounted heating units. Finally, we do a thorough site clean up so your new space is pristine.

How To Build A Patio

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space!

Congratulations! Your dream patio is complete! We’ll celebrate this major milestone together and you can start planning that inaugural housewarming celebration. We hope your new outdoor living space brings you joy, relaxation, and memories for years to come! Please share photos and reviews so we can continue providing exceptional service. And let us know if you ever need help upgrading, enhancing, or maintaining your patio down the road!